LL-1001 - Pamoja / Jewel "Ooh Baby" b/w "Paradise"

Image of LL-1001 - Pamoja / Jewel "Ooh Baby" b/w "Paradise"


CHICAGO, 1975-1980. PAMOJA was the brainchild of Keith Stevens and his former wife. Together they played locally and recorded this one release on Keith’s own label, Keiper records. Over the years this local Chicago release has found its way into the hands of Dj’s and collectors worldwide. The B side of the record, “Ooh Baby”, with it’s superior drum mix & haunting vocal, has over the years been established as a top billing dance jam the world over.

JEWEL was established a couple of years after Pamoja folded with Keith’s close friend Oliver Miller. The two assembled a group and recorded “Paradise” in an attempt to capitalize on the new sound of Earth Wind & Fire. The record was released in small quantity on the band’s own label, Jewel Star. After releasing this record local impresario Jim Porter discovered the band and quickly signed them to his own Erect Records (also home of IND, Wrecking Crew, & Alexander O’neal). It was on this label the team released a full LP (Cut ‘n’ Polised) & and 12” disco single for the band’s theme song, “Jewel’s Groove”. Reissued here is “Paradise”, the groups first official release, which has gone on to be a massive collector’s item and huge spin on the global Modern Soul scenes.

Pamoja “Ooh Baby”

Jewel “Paradise”

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